Air Video HD iPhone App Review

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Air Video HD app allows you to stream whatever videos you have on your computer right to your iOS and Apple TV devices. It does not matter the video format the original file is in, nor do you have to agonize about codec, bitrates, or anything else. The strength of this app is that it’s amazingly adaptable and adept at helping you get the video content you want on the device you want. Air Video HD is available for download at iTunes for £2.29. You can also make in-app purchase to join early access.


The server software sets up your computer for you, so that you do not have to muddle the technical characteristics, and you can plainly point the program to your video folders. You can also point it to your iTunes set of video podcasts, trailers and TV episodes, though it will not play DRM-protected videos. The Air Video HD app for iPhone discovers your computer straight away, through a home Wi-Fi network and brings up thumbnails of all the accessible videos. Some videos can be played instantly, while some need conversion into the exact format for iPhone. You can set up a line of conversions that will copy the videos to your iPhone for later on viewing, or you can have the app convert videos on-the-fly right away.

Air Video HD iPhone App

The user interface of Air Video HD iPhone app has been overhauled to contain a sleek black finish and a minimalistic playback control gallery view, history access, as well as look, Air Video manages to be both exceptionally simple to use, at the same time as tremendously powerful for the buffs who tweak settings. There are tons of conversion settings that can be fiddled with, as well as diverse bit rates for streaming. You can even stream outside your network if you turn on the new remote setting. Air Video will produce a ten-digit PIN that you hit into the iPhone app which permits it to converse with the Air Video server even when you are absent from your home network. You can watch all your movies away from home and over 3G as well. Air Video HD app requires iOS 7.0 or later.


There are definitely some enhancements that can be made to Air Video HD app like; a search capability would be useful for those with hundreds of videos on their computers. On the whole, Air Video HD for iPhone is a great utilities application.

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