Baby Monitor & Alarm Android App Review

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Baby Monitor & Alarm app for Android can be used to see and hear the baby even if you are not in the same room. The scheme is that this app will be able to provide you with all the tools you need to monitor your baby. Baby Monitor & Alarm app is available for download at Google Play for $3.99.


Baby Monitor & Alarm for Android has a number of features and tools built into the app for instance the reality that you will be given an alert by calling a pre-set number any time a sound occurs in your baby’s room. Parents will love that at any time sound arises in their baby’s room they will receive an alert in the form of a phone call to a pre-set number. What’s grand is that they do not even have to be home; they may be at job, out at a gathering, running chores, out in the garden, and they will still be attentive of the whole thing taking place at home with their little one.

Baby Monitor Alarm Android App

In its fresh update Baby Monitor & Alarm Android app got a new appearance, it now restarts itself automatically after the first alert call, and it has been optimized to put up larger screens. The app is capable of playing music as a lullaby or even a soundtrack mom or dad has made of their own tone. This can be put to routinely play if the baby begins to cry or wakes up in the midst of slumber. You can also prefer to have audio played as your baby goes to sleep or to lull them to snooze. Once the music ends the watch is automatically initiated. There is a night mode for the display too.


Baby Monitor & Alarm for Android provides audio and video streaming of your children over your network. The only downside is that it must make a voice call to notify you. There is a free trial version, as well, that allows you endeavor it for few minutes of monitoring, so you can make certain that it works correctly on your device before putting your money down.

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