Passible Password Manager iPhone App Review

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It is pretty hectic to manage so many things in the web. For example, you have accounts for Facebook, email providers, games, ecommerce sites etc and some of them require more passwords than the other. No wonder, for the users, it gets a bit frustrating to keep track of all your online/offline data. Passible Password Manager app for iPhone helps you manage your passwords more efficiently. Passible app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Passible Password Manager app for iPhone securely stores all your passwords so you never lose or forget any of them. For security – Passible encrypts the data with military strength AES-256 bit encryption so only you can access it. In a sense, it acts as your online wallet that holds your info tight and secure. When you fire up the app, you’ll notice the slick and modern interface that has a professional feel to it. It is pretty easy to save your passwords as well as your credit cards and web accounts. Once you have the passwords stored, when you browse to any website, your login and password are automatically filled for you. That is, you are not required to key in anything. Similarly, when you shop on the web, Passible will fill your credit card info with just a tap. You can also peek at any of your saved passwords, like when you’re in an ATM, by a simple slide of your finger on screen.

Passible Password Manager iPhone App

Further, an inbuilt password analyzer tells you how strong or weak your passwords are. You can run an automated analysis of all your passwords, and Passible will tell you how secured each one is. Passible Password Manager iPhone app includes theft protection which enforces wait times between wrong passcode entries, preventing brute force attacks should your iPhone fall into the wrong hands. This gives you the ability to remotely wipe your device in case it is stolen, without the thief accessing your passwords.


If you find a bit difficult to remember your passwords, Passible Password Manager app for iPhone could be of great help. The app got a wonderful interface, and a quick way to store your passwords. The app also provides encryption so that your passwords remain secure always. The password analyzer informs you how strong your passwords are. The app is also equipped to withstand brute force attacks. Overall, a secure digital wallet app to tuck away your passwords of your credit card and web service accounts.

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