Twisted Tweets Word Search Android App Review

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Twisted Tweets Word Search app for Android is a unique word game that turns tweets into word searches. If you enjoy word puzzles, this is one game that is worth checking out. Twisted Tweets Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $1.99.


Twisted Tweets Word Search app for Android has a new concept. Probably one you might not have seen elsewhere. The idea behind the app is to incorporate tweets from popular Twitter accounts into a word search board. The outcome is that no two boards will ever be the same. It is a great way to keep things fresh and bring variety. You got to just tap ‘Play’ on the main menu, and the app will load a new word search puzzle. The words you’re supposed to find are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Unlike traditional word searches, here, you’re not supposed to make words out of straight lines. As long as letters are next to one another, you can connect them to form words. Further, more twists in the word, the more points you earn. From the name of the game, you might think that you need to sign into your Twitter account to play the game. Quite to the contrary, you don’t even need a Twitter account to enjoy this game of words.

Twisted Tweets Word Search Android App

The best part of Twisted Tweets Word Search app for Android is that you can passively keep up with popular Twitter accounts passively while playing a word search game. If you want, you can even tap on tweets, and even reply to it or retweet a particular tweet. The twitter interactions are handled by your phone’s browser. Of course, the app keeps tracks of your performance so that you can check back anytime to find out how well you’d fared. Twisted Tweets app requires Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Twisted Tweets Word Search app for Android is worth checking out if you seriously like word search games. It is a game that lets you explore the latest hot topics while exercising your mind on a challenging word puzzler. And it requires no online accounts or Facebook or Twitter sign-ins to play the game either. The graphics is bland and hence not so impressive. But the game play is engrossing if you love this genre of games. Check it out if you enjoy the idea of interacting with Twitter while having fun.

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