PCM Recorder Pro App for Android Review

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PCM Recorder Pro app for Android is a simple but useful voice recorder application. If you can put up with the ads, you can save $0.99 and go for PCM Recorder Lite (called ‘PCM Recorder’) instead. The app records sound in high quality format. You can play it back or share it with others via email.

PCM Recorder Pro App Features

PCM Recorder Pro app for Android is capable of recording voice as well as music. You have a range of radio frequency to choose from: 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 44100, and 48000Hz – 16 bits – Mono. All recordings are automatically saved in the media storage or SD card with the file ‘PCMRECORDER’. The uncompressed PCM format is good for high quality audio, but uses more storage space. So, if you are looking for an app capable of recording high quality sound, this one might just fits the bill.

Using Android PCM Recorder Pro app, you can have unlimited time recording and background recording. Once recorded, the voice can be played back anytime. You can edit/change its filename, or even share a recording with others through email. However, there is no social network integration, meaning you can’t share/post anything via Facebook or Twitter.

PCM Recorder Pro App for Android

The user interface of PCM Recorder Pro Android app is well designed. You won’t have any trouble finding the various options. You may set the sample rate before you start recording. Tapping on the red circular button starts/stops the recording. On the downside, the app does not have any cloud support or conversion options. For those, you might have to rely on other third party applications. PCM Recorder Pro is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and up. The app got a file size of 232kb.

Final Thoughts

PCM Recorder Pro app for Android is a high quality voice recorder app. It is easy to use, and the recordings are automatically saved to your SD card in uncompressed PCM Format, which is good for high quality audio. You can set the sample rate as needed before start recording. The user interface is well laid out. Lack of cloud support or conversion options is a bit of a downer. The free version of the app also got nearly similar features, save the annoying ads. If you can put up with the ads, go for the free version.

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