Block Story App for Android Review

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Hope you know Minecraft, wherein you got to build and survive in an open pixilated world. Block Story app for Android is a Minecraft clone, but with lots of additional features. You can get the app for $1.98.

Block Story App Features

Block Story Android app comes with some added features and game play improvements. For example, instead of building with pixilated blocks, you can take up the challenge of quests and explore the world on grand adventures. You got weapons, vehicles to travel, enemies to vanquish and a diverse crafting system.

You create a character when you start over and the character will be carried over to the other worlds as you progress. The world in fact is infinite; it just keeps on going and hence you won’t run out of areas to explore anytime. There is a crafting system like in Minecraft that let you create tools, resources etc. If you got a high end Android device, you can just crank up the graphics to enjoy its true beauty. In the game, you got four control schemes, three of which use virtual buttons on-screen. The fourth one let you use the accelerometer to tilt the phone. There is an option to use a virtual joy stick, and most likely, you’ll use more of it than any other control.

Block Story App for Android

However, what makes Block Story app for Android different from other games its genre is the way you play it. For sure, you collect resources/materials and craft tools, and there is an endless world with lots of baddies to fight. But in essence, you don’t really play Block Story to build or to explore. Instead you play it to progress. The best part of Block Story is that new features are regularly added by its developers. On the downside, Block Story consumes as much as 165 MB while running. Also, it will drain battery faster. Block Story is compatible with Android OS versions 2.0.1 and up.


Block Story app for Android is similar to Minecraft, but comes with lot more features. There are tons of weapons to craft, enemies to defeat, new worlds to explore and have vehicles to travel through the worlds faster. If you got a high end handset, you can crank up the graphics settings for a better feel. Its only downside is that while playing the battery drains quickly. Verdict: A great Android game to kill time.

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