Trickle for Twitter App for iPhone Review

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Trickle for Twitter app for iPhone is refreshingly different. They call it a ‘passive Twitter client’. What it displays latest tweets from people you follow in bold letters, on a black background. It is only for viewing and you can’t reply the message. You can get Trickle for Twitter for a nominal $2.99 from iTunes.

Trickle App Features

Once you sign in with Trickle for Twitter app for iPhone, you’ll see this black background with a latest tweet in white Helvetica font against it. You simply swipe left/right to move between the tweets, even though the app will push the news ones automatically. You can set the refresh interval from preferences (the default ping time is three minutes). There are only two buttons on screen: retweet and mark as favorite. As new tweets stream in, you can use those to perform the aforementioned actions. There is no option to reply though.

The best part of Trickle app for iPhone is that the tweets scroll across the phone window, keeping you updated, while you just go about doing your job without having to open a separate window to view the feed. The app is orientation blind meaning it looks good in both portrait and landscape modes.

Trickle for Twitter App for iPhone

Trickle for Twitter app for iPhone is a universal application. You only need to purchase it once, and you can use it in multiple iOS devices. Also, it works for multiple accounts. If you got multiple Twitter accounts, it fetches tweets from all of them and displays it on your screen. New tweets appear from the right side of the screen, and each tweet is displayed one after the other with enough delay to let even the slowest reader catch up.

As Trickle for Twitter app for iPhone continuously runs in the background, battery drain is inevitable. It was found that the charge dropped by about 20% on one hour of use. In fact, this eventuality is the app’s biggest downside. Trickle is designed to work with iOS versions 4.3 or later.


Trickle’s role is to display tweets and it does that quite beautifully. This ‘passive Twitter client’ fetches the latest tweets from your various Twitter accounts and displays it on a black background, in bold white letters. Since presentation of info is app’s priority, you don’t have an option to reply/type a tweet. On the downside, it drains battery quite heavily on continuous use. Verdict: Good one.

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