Notification Weather Pro App for Android Review

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Android notification tray has become a fantastic utility of late. It provides developers an option to design various functions for their apps that can be activated directly from the tray. Notification Weather Pro app for Android also exploits this feature to provide weather updates right from your notification tray. You can get Notification Weather Pro Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Notification Weather Pro App Features

Notification Weather Pro app for Android makes use of the notification tray, which implies that this app works only with devices running on Jellybean and above. The app displays a four day weather forecast right in the notification tray, complete with min/max temperatures, wind speed and time of the last update. Once you launch Notification Weather Pro, the weather notification will appear on the tray. The design is minimal and clean and augers well with the Android UI.

Notification Weather Pro App for Android

Android Notification Weather Pro app would come handy if you hate having weather widgets on the home screen. It is also quite light on resources; the app uses only 23 MB of RAM while running. Remember, it runs continuously in the background. How else do you expect to see it in the tray? You can expand/collapse the notification by swiping up/down from the top of the icon respectively. On expanding, you can view the four day weather forecast in your city. You can also view the min/max temperatures, wind speeds, sky status and the time of last update/sync.

From the app settings, you can enable or disable the notification, let the app find your location automatically, change the wind and temperature units, 12/24 hr format switch, or set a different refresh interval. Also, you can pick your weather provider, which can be Yahoo Weather, Open Weather Map or Weather Bug. From the settings page, you can also set to have the app start at reboot (it is enabled by default).

Further, you got a refresh button in notification, progress bar in notification, transparent notification icon, and swipe notification to dismiss feature.


Notification Weather Pro app for Android is a simple yet useful weather app that sits right in your notification tray. Those who hate those big weather widgets sitting on the home screen will find this app useful. Its memory footprint is also quite low. The app provides four day forecast as well as wind speeds and temperatures, and you can view the same by simply swiping down from the top of the icon. The refresh button in notification comes handy. Verdict: A useful weather app. Try out its stripped down free version if you don’t wish to pay upfront.

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