Sketchbook Mobile App for Android Review

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Sketchbook Mobile app for Android does what many apps of its genre fails to do: to provide a simple yet powerful means to create drawings on your Android phone. Well thought-out and designed, the app stands out for its ease of drawing. Tools never get in the way, but are always easy to access. You can get Sketchbook Mobile Android app for a nominal $1.99 from Google Play Store.

Sketchbook Mobile App Features

The interface of Sketchbook Mobile app for Android is minimal. It only shows what is required and everything else is plain white, ready for you to draw on. Access to tools and settings is super quick too: editing settings and switching between tools is pretty easy and intuitive. The app uses gestures to great effect means there are only few buttons on screen and the rest of the space is available for drawing. Gesture based control also speeds up how quickly you can access usual tasks such as undoing work.

Sketchbook Mobile App for Android

Android Sketchbook Mobile app provides 20 different brush types to realize your creations, including pen, pencil and markers. Eight different tools are available from the options wheel, with each tool having its own set of further options ranging from simple resizing to varying the spacing/angle or hardness of the pencil. You also got options such as pen pressure and opacity that you might not find in other drawing apps.

Those who’ve used Photoshop will be familiar with the concept of layers. Sketchbook Mobile also supports layers. If you are not familiar with the concept, layers are images stacked on top of each other, and each can be rearranged or edited as required. The bottom-line is that such a concept let you edit one part of the image without affecting others. Since the app has got a complex set of advanced features, a detailed help section would have come handy, and yes, you got one indeed.

When you save your work, you can do it in multiple formats. For example, you can save it as JPG or PNG, wherein it flattens all the layers, whereas if you do so in PSD, it preserves all the layers and can be edited using Photoshop later on. Sketchbook Mobile app works with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.


Sketchbook Mobile app for Android is a feature rich drawing app for Android users. Its tools and settings far exceed anything you might have seen in a mobile app. The user interface is easy to use for most parts even though there is a little bit of difficulty in changing the brush size. The help tutorial come handy. Verdict: A good app to have if you’re an artist or creative person.

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