Pennies Personal Finance Manager iPhone App Review

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Pennies for iPhone is a personal finance manager app that tells you how much you have to spend a day. It allows you to keep track of your paychecks and budgets. You can download Pennies – Personal Money, Budget & Finance Manager app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

Features of Pennies Best Personal Finance Manager App

Pennies iPhone app let you keep your budgets backed up and shared across all your iOS devices via iCloud. It helps you keep in sync with your paydays. Its unique ‘Payday’ budgets take into account every weekends and national holidays. With a choice of Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly and Twice Monthly Payday Budgets, your budgets will automatically refresh the day you get paid. The app let you plan any number of budgets as you like. So, if you got a daily and weekly budget, the app has you covered. The app also offers flexible options to add/edit entries to previous dates and budget periods. Pennies app will automatically recalculate your budgets so that you are always up to date with your spending money. The bottom-line is that Pennies for iPhone does all the calculations for you. If you spend less on a given day, the app will give you more money to spend tomorrow.


Pennies iPhone app follows a simplified approach. It does not show any complex graphs or charts to explain your spending patterns. Instead, it deals with numbers that will be easy for the common man to follow. The UI of Pennies app for iPhone is well designed and easy to use. A user’s spending and finance health are shown in bold colors and hence easy to comprehend. The layout is largely user friendly. Setting up a budget or add/delete an item is a straightforward process. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Pennies app requires iOS versions 9.0 or higher.

Manage Your Budgets the Easiest Way

Pennies for iPhone provides a simple and easy way to manage your budgets. You can set up multiple budgets, not to mention the ability to add and edit entries based on your spending. It displays your budgets and expenses in a simple number format that is easy to follow. The app UI is easy to use for most parts. It is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a simple tool to manage your personal finances.

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