Periodic Table App for iPhone Review

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Now chemistry will not remain a mystery. Technology has enabled users, especially students who want to do something that can help them to improve their knowledge. Periodic Table app for iPhone provides information related to chemistry and its various elements. The app is an excellent reference application for Periodic Table in Chemistry.

Features of Periodic Table App

Now you can gather information related to periodic table and its elements from your smart phone. Periodic Table iPhone app has features to provide information for various elements and their properties. Students can now use this app to know physical properties of an element such as oxidation state, melting point and thermal conductivity. All these information will become quite useful for students who are studying chemistry and want to have a quick access guide. Periodic Table app also provides detail description of any element and history about certain elements. Users can use zoom in and out feature in Periodic Table app for better viewing. It is great tool for a student to memorize periodic table and its element properties. Another good thing is that you don’t require any network connection to use this application. Users will find Periodic Table app quite simple and easy to use.

Periodic Table App for iPhone

This is an educational application for iPhone users especially chemistry students which can use this as reference guide for periodic table. But if you are looking for detailed information or any chemical reaction then you may not find that information in this application. The app (current version-4.7) can be downloaded for just $0.99 from Apple iTunes website with requirement of iOS 5.0 or later. App size is 0.9 MB.


Periodic Table app for iPhone is a smart educational application for periodic table in chemistry. It provides vital stats about an element like electron configuration, density, and oxidation number. Users will find this app quite interesting while using this to gather information related to periodic table. Definitely a smart app for users especially who has interest in chemistry.

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