PGPTools Android App Review

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If you’re one of those guys who wish to send your text messages encrypted and secured, check this one out: PGPTools app for Android. It let you easily and quickly send texts with a stiff bit of encryption. If you’re curious, read down below the break for our full review on the features of PGPTools. The app can be downloaded for $1.14 from Google Play Store.


The entire idea of PGPTools app is based on the concept of PGP encryption. Here is a brief explanation to how it works: users send data to each other using a key. This key has to be identical on both ends in order to decode the message. The best part is that PGPTools makes encryption absolutely simple. It takes only two clicks to get a message encrypted and ready to be sent. That is, simply fire up PGPTools app for Android, get your message typed, and hit the button to encrypt it. The message is now ready to be sent out to the world of internet without any risk of getting hacked. Same goes for decrypting an incoming message. You also have the option to import or export a pair of keys for further use.

PGPTools Android App Review

The design of PGPTools for Android is not so impressive. But it is not the worst either. For this type of apps, the design does not matter much anyway, as long as it is reasonably easy to use. The focus is certainly on quick and easy encryption and not on bright graphics or colors. While testing out the app, we had no difficulty accessing its core feature of getting a message encrypted. PGPTools is reasonably stable and responsive. We did not encounter any crashes while using the app. PGPTools app requires Android OS 4.0 and up.


PGPTools app for Android is a decent bargain, no matter how you analyze the price point. The level of encryption it provides is reasonably good to keep your message secure. It is also very easy to use. All it takes is couple of clicks to encrypt your message. The UI is rather pretty bland. But it is an acceptable trade off since the focus here is on functionality, and the app does that exceptionally well. To sum it up, a useful tool for moderate levels of encryption of your text, and a decent bargain for just more than a dollar.

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