Phone Drive App for iPhone Review

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Phone Drive app for iPhone virtually doubles up your smart phone as a portable storage option, such as a WiFi/USB Flash Drive. It lets you transfer files quickly and easily between your computer and iPhone. Phone Drive app may be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a nominal $1.99 per copy.

How Phone Drive iPhone App works?

Phone Drive app for iPhone allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone. It is simple; connect to Phone Drive from any Mac/PC over the Wi-Fi network, and transfer files by drag & drop, straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer. You can do the transfer in both directions. The app supports an impressive array of files formats; it comes with a document viewer, PDF reader, text editor, image viewer, music player, voice recorder, and file manager. It also supports most of the file operations such as delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip, and create/delete folders, plus a lot more. iPhone Phone Drive application also provides wholesome support for iWork files, source code, and even HTML pages.

Phone Drive App for iPhone

In terms of file sharing, you can do so over a WiFi network using four options: HTTP Bonjour Name, HTTP IP Address, FTP Bonjour Name, or an FTP IP address; you pick the one you are most comfortable with. It is also possible to transfer files using iPhone WiFi/Bluetooth file transfer.

The user interface is extremely well laid out and hence quite easy to use. Nearly all of the functions that you might need is just a click or two away. It is also one of the few apps where you won’t be annoyed by a pop-up. Phone Drive iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and upwards. If you’re using 3GS still, please excuse.

Final Thoughts

Phone Drive appfor iPhone, at its current price, is extremely cheap, given the quality of features it brings to the table. It virtually turns your iPhone to an external flash drive with viewing and multimedia capability. Support for multiple file format, including MPV and .MOV video files, iWork files, and source code, plus options to zip/unzip and organize files in folders from within the iPhone gives you more flexibility. To sum it up, give Phone Drive a go-ahead, if the price tag doesn’t annoy you much.

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