Photo Sticker App for iPhone Review

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There is an old saying that what a picture can do, it cannot be done by saying words. Based on that theme, Photo Sticker app is designed for iPhone users. Photo Sticker app for iPhone is a cool application for persons who like to express their feelings by pictures and stickers. The app will act like photo sticker machine which you have seen in your local stores and you will love to create cute stickers for your photos. This app can be downloaded for $0.99 from Apple iTunes website.

Features of Photo Sticker App

Photo Sticker app for iPhone has set of features to produce awesome results. Users can use its features like cool photo frames and cute stickers for their photos. To apply photo stickers, just open the photo then zoom in or out to find out correct position and crop the image. This crop image is now available to work with new photo. Users can also add their drawings as photo sticker on photos. If you have something to say with a photo, you can add text with the photograph. You can add your message on the photo in different font sizes and styles. The undo option helps to cancel the applied sticker if you find some stickers which are not going with your photos. You can also check out different sticker positions for your favorite photo.

Photo Sticker App for iPhone

The user interface of Photo Sticker iPhone app is simple yet very effective to understand. All the control buttons are neatly placed and the app currently has 300+ cute looking stickers in the database. Users can select any one of them for their favorite photographs. Another good thing to do is sharing all your creative work with your friends and relatives via social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. iPhone Photo Sticker app is a useful tool to convert your plain pictures into cute stickered photographs. The app is compatible with iOS 5.0 or higher.


Photo Sticker app will certainly help to modify your plain pictures into a piece of art. The app will provide great fun to user especially young crowd. Verdict: Have it on your iPhone and explore more beauty in pictures

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