Privacy Manager (Protect) App for Android Review

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You can find lots of apps that help you keep your private data secure from prying eyes. But Privacy Manager (Protect) app for Android is much more powerful in terms of the features it offers. From providing a means to locking down private data to blocking unwanted calls to private space, it offers a bouquet of features to secure your personal info stored in the phone. You can get Privacy Manager for $4.99.

Privacy Manager App Features

Privacy Manager for Android is basically intended to protect your private information. The UI is simple and easy to understand. The main screen is divided into three sections. Under Lock Privacy Information, you’ll find the Image Locker, App Locker, and Password Manager. The second section, Disguise Private Information area has Disguise Call and Disguise SMS. The last one, Tools Section has options for Fake Call and the Recorder. You can also find a quick link to your Private Space as well as quick stats on how many calls/SMS were blocked. Its main features include Private Space, space to keep your SMS and calls. You can protect your space with a password and once you add a contact, all calls logs/SMS from the said contact will be moved to the private space. Privacy Manager also let you block calls/SMS from select contacts. In other words, you can white list/blacklist certain contacts according to your preferences. In fact, the app also let you block text messages containing certain word. You can find the number of calls/SMS blocked on the main page.

Privacy Manager Protect app for Android

Image Locker feature let you secure your images from prying eyes. If an image has been locked away using this feature, one can’t find the said images in the gallery anymore. The locker is password protected. App Locker is similar to Image Locker, but the apps still will be visible in the phone. Since the app provides multiple lockers that are password protected, it might be tough to remember all of them. The Password Manager feature will keep all your account usernames and passwords for easy access.

Android Privacy Manager (Protect) app also got a handy disguise call/SMS feature that let you disguise the identity of the caller. The Fake Call option let you fake an incoming call. You can set this virtual caller to call you any particular time, and even pre-record the lines to be spoken on call. To make it real, you can make the caller to be someone from your contact list or an anonymous number. The app also got a recorder feature.


Privacy Manager app for Android provides lots of handy features that might be missing in most privacy apps. The app is easy to use for most parts. Save few bugs, the app performs reasonably OK. Those who don’t wish to pay upfront may try out its LITE version.

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