Photographer’s Companion Pro Android App Review

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Photographer’s Companion Pro for Android assists photographers in snapping great pictures. Photography is an art that is dependent on the so many other elements to get the right result. You need to get the proper lighting, angle among others. Most photographers depend on the automatic mode of the camera to adjust the settings of the camera to get all factors right. Professional photographers do not depend on the automatic mode. They do the calculation on your own. The app helps you with all your calculations and adjustments to set a great premise for your photo.

Capture Your Memory With The Right Settings

Photographer’s Companion Pro Android app is a simple and beautiful app that does all the calculation for you. You can calculate all the important factors required for a great photography. It easily calculates the exposure, depth of field, simulation of bokeh, hyper focal, field of view, shutter speed among others. You can freeze the movement of the subject. You will get to know the blue hour, golden hour of the sunrise and sunset. You can find the position of the moon and sun and also find the phase of the moon for the day. Moonlit scenes, lunar eclipse and more can be captured easily. Milky way, stars, star trails and more can be captured easily. Lightening, fireworks, northern lights can be captured with all its beauty. Time lapse feature is available along with landscape photo planner.

Photographers Companion Pro Android App Review

Best for Professional Photographers & Amateurs

Photographer’s Companion Pro is the perfect companion for photographers. The app will help you to find a basic setting which can be refined to get an amazingly beautiful photo. Though the app is used by professionals, if you have basic knowledge about photography even an amateur can use. The tools are designed to get the right settings and calculations are precise. You can go with the calculations confidently. It is available in 12different languages apart from English. The app costs $2.99 to download and use.

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