USB Audio Player Pro Android App Review

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USB Audio Player Pro for Android provides a platform for playing high quality audio. The app supports HiRes audio chips and USB audio DACs. There are many such apps available in the market, but ones that plays even the latest audio types in newest versions of smartphones. It magically plays up to any resolution. It supports most of the formats, the common ones and less popular ones. Interestingly, it bypasses all audio restrictions of an android device. It is one of the highest quality audio players available for any android device. You can use any audio driver for the app.

Get The Best Listening Experience With This App

USB Audio Player Pro for Android is a simple and intuitive app for a great audio playing experience. It plays any format from wav, flac, mp3, ogg, MQA, AIFF, DSD, aac, SACD, cue, ape, m4a among others. You can use a OTG cable. It plays up to 384kHz to 32bit. Other android players are lesser even on android 5. There is no root required and has a 10 band equalizer. The sample rate conversion will convert audio files to a higher rate. The app has folder play back and network playback. It has replay gain, hapless playback and bit perfect playback. It improves the audio quality of the headphones. It supports over 160 models and brands of headphones. It has both hardware and software audio control. The app can convert DSD, native DSD, DoP to PCM.

USB Audio Player Pro Android App Review


USB Audio Player Pro Android app is one of the best high definition audio player. It is an amazing solution to leverage DACs capabilities for all audio devices. The latest version includes master quality authenticated core decoder, among others. MQA is an award winning technology that delivers original recording sound. The master file is authentic and is small in size for downloading and streaming. It supports tidal streaming service and is also backward compatible. The app is priced $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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