PicFrame Illustrator App for iPhone Review

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PicFrame Illustrator app lets you create unique photo frames in your iPhone. It comes with over 50 templates to create interesting photo frames. And the best part is that it gives you virtually unlimited options to apply your creativity on creating the photo frames. PicFrame Illustrator iPhone app may be downloaded from iTunes App store for a nominal $0.99. Few days back, it was available for free though.

How PicFrame Illustrator App works?

PicFrame Illustrator app for iPhone takes customization options to an unseen level altogether. For one, there are 50+ frames to choose from. Further, you got a large amount of settings, effects and gradients that let you make each of your frame unique and inimitable. Putting it all together, you can make the photo-story that you wish to share it with others. You can arrange photo spreads and postcards in your frames on the theme of your favorite TV series, school life, wedding, New Year party, story of your aging, travels, love and other events.

PicFrame Illustrator App for iPhone

In terms of features, iPhone PicFrame Illustrator application let you perform height-to-width aspect ratio adjustment inside the frame, frame color gradient adjustment, and you got frame color adjustment in three directions: color, intensity and brightness. Also you got high-resolution video saving, rotation and mirror reflection of the photos, huge layover effect collection, and edge roundness adjustment.

PicFrame Illustrator app for iPhone got a very user friendly interface. There are many options to customize your frames and photos. But they various options are neatly organized that you won’t have any trouble accessing the ones you might want to fulfill your creative reach. The overall performance is smooth and tidy. The app is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and up. The download size of 32 MB is a bit on the higher end though.

Final Thoughts

PicFrame Illustrator app for iPhone let you create photo frames of infinite variety. You just build on the available photo frame templates to create photo stories, post cards, and unique frames with customized look and feel. Multiple options such as frame color gradient adjustment, frame color adjustment in multi- directions, and multiple layover effects let you create virtually inimitable photos and frames. And the app is quite user friendly as well; you won’t have any trouble putting it all together to make your frames. Overall, a must have application if you want to give more variety and life to your photos.

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