AutomateIt Pro App for Android Review

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Android comes with lots of features and functionalities that could easily overwhelm the common man. Many a times you’ll be tired doing the same thing over and again over something happens. With AutomateIt Pro app for Android at your disposal, you can set the device to act on its own when you receive a text message, Bluetooth turns on/off or when you use an NFC tag (say). You’ll be virtually freed from having to worry about what to do next when an event occurs. AutomateIt Pro Android App comes for a nominal $1.6.

How AutomateIt Pro App works?

AutomateIt Pro app for Android basically let you define a set of your desired behaviors in response to events on your Android device. It works like a trigger-action pair, wherein something happens when an event occurs. For example, let us consider the scenario where you’ve set up a rule that activates when you unplug your device. With AutomateIt Pro, you can have the device automatically turn the WiFi off so that you don’t have to worry about it as you run to catch your tube. You can also set to turn on your ringer as you leave.

AutomateIt Pro App for Android

Android AutomateIt Pro app provides multiple combinations of trigger-actions. Some of the currently supported triggers Incoming/Hang Call, location trigger based on your arrival/leaving at a particular location, time trigger for recurring trigger events, cell ID trigger that activates when connecting or disconnecting from defined cellular cells, and NFC trigger. On the actions front, it supports Enable/Disable Data Connectivity action, play selected sound, vibrate, starts a particular application, Enable/Disable Mobile Data, set screen brightness, dial a particular phone number or send SMS to a certain phone number, to name some of them. The best part is that there is no virtual limitation as to what rules you can set. AutomateIt Pro application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 or higher.


AutomateIt Pro app for Android gives you the much needed breathing space as far as managing your Android phone’s various functions and settings goes. If to point out one important utility of the app, automating the functions/features that drains power extends your battery life considerably, thanks to the power hungry nature of Android. Also, you can set to block certain calls, put your phone into silent mode when you enter certain places or have your WiFi turned off when you leave home. Verdict: a handy app to have if you’re having a hard time managing the multitude of features that your Android device offers.

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