Vokul App for iPhone Review

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Vokul app for iPhone is a hands-free voice control application for your smart phone. Given its features, it has enough fire power to challenge Siri, currently the most used app in the category. Vokul comes at a rather hefty price tag of $2.99. You can get it from iTunes App store.

How Vokul App works?

Vokul app for iPhone is 100% hands free; it provides you with many useful features and functions, and you can perform all of them without pressing a button on your iPhone. Using the app, you can dictate emails, text messages, call contacts in your address book, get the current date and time, control your audio player through voice suggestions, make posts to Twitter and Facebook, listen to Facebook and Twitter feeds etc. To be more specific on controlling audio player, you can skip backward and forward within a track, navigate between tracks, pause/resume playback, and speed up or slow down podcasts.

Vokul App for iPhone

However, one notable aspect that puts Vokul clearly above Siri is how it responds in a noisy environment, a scenario wherein Siri is known to perform rather poorly. Siri struggles to understand your comments if the background noise is too high. Vokul seems to perform better. Its accuracy is also commendable. Vokul iPhone application also supports Bluetooth headsets and in-vehicle systems although A2DP mode for music playback is NOT supported, thanks to iOS limitations.

In the set up tutorial, you’ll be asked to pick between US, UK and Australian English. It’ll help Vokul iPhone app to prepare itself for the version of English you’re going to construct your instructions in. Vokul is compatible with iOS versions 4.2 and up. I.e. it works with models iPhone 3GS and later.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an alternative for Siri, you can safely consider Vokul app for iPhone. It is easy to use, pretty accurate, and performs commendably in noisy environments, something Siri is not adept at. Facebook and Twitter integration comes handy. Calling contacts from the address book is quite simple and straightforward. The same goes for controlling your audio player vocally or preparing an email. Verdict: A decent voice control application that is worth trying out, its hefty $2.99 price tag notwithstanding.

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