SpellTower App for iPhone Review

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SpellTower app for iPhone is a challenging word game that could keep you engrossed for minute on end. The combination of teasing game play and stylish design makes it tremendously addictive to say the least. Similar to word games such as Bookworm, SpellTower has a grid of letter tiles that you make use of to spell words by choosing adjacent letters. Each right spelling removes the tiles and earns you points. The ultimate goal is to remove as much as tiles as possible. SpellTower iPhone app may be downloaded for $1.99.

SpellTower: The Game Play

SpellTower app for iPhone has four game modes. One is Puzzle Mode that adds one row of letters every time you manage to spell a word correctly. It is strategic word finding at its best. The Extreme Puzzle Mode on the other hand got the minimum word length cranked up. In other words, in this mode, you are challenged to spell longer words. Your English vocabulary need to be good enough to conquer this mode.

In Tower Mode, you aim to get the highest score possible out of 150 letters, eliminating small words to set up 7- and 8-letter blockbusters. I.e. you aim to spell as much words as possible. The fourth mode, the Rush Mode, as the term itself suggests, is all about spelling quickly. The row of letters builds up over time. Hence you should find the words as fast as you can. Be watchful not to back yourself in to a corner.

SpellTower App for iPhone

iPhone SpellTower application also features a Debate Mode wherein you challenge your friends in a local multiplayer game (Rush game) via Bluetooth. One major twist in multiplayer mode is that the app throws new words at your opponent every time you get a word correct. By spelling a right word, not only you move ahead, but also peg your opponent back and vice versa. There is Game Center leader boards and achievements for each mode and highest scoring word.

SpellTower features some specialty tiles that aids or hinders your progress, depending on the type/color of the tile. For example, there are the blue letter tiles that knock out an entire row of letters whereas black tiles block you from spelling words correctly. However, these black colored tiles disappear as soon as you spell an adjacent word precisely.


SpellTower app for iPhone is an excellent word game to set your brain cells working. A must have for all word game dabblers out there.

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