Swordigo App for iPhone Review

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Swordigo app for iPhone is a hack and slash type of game built on the mold of Nintendo’s Zelda games. The theme is typical RPG: dead master and mystical sword to defeat enemies. There is experience to earn, deal number damage to enemies, a segmented world to explore and the player got a heart meter to show its health. The game play is challenging and fun. Swordigo iPhone app could be obtained for $1.99.

The Game

The controls on the right hand side of the screen are responsive, and may be rearranged to suit your taste. Sworgio iPhone game app lets players’ game experience, but that is more like a natural progression. The progress however is not easy to say the least. It will take many hours to progress at least to the halfway stage. But the fun of the game lies in the variety it provides; you have optional paths to explore, secret treasure to discover, and challenging enemies to encounter. You are supposed to earn powerful weapons, spells and items in the quest to defeat the adversary. The enemies can be killed by knocking them into bottomless pits (this includes min-bosses). It is a tactical move to send the enemy to the pit without breaking a sweat. However, some of the boss fights can be annoying as it would take longer than usual to defeat the opponent. The trick is to outlast the opponent than actually fight it.

Swordigo App for iPhone

Sworgio app for iPhone is iCloud compatible means you can continue your game in a new device anytime. Optionally, you can disable the iCloud syncing if you wish to keep it to one device only. The graphics of Swordigo looks impressive on the retina display. The game play, as mentioned, is similar to Nintendo’s Zelda games that we all love. Sworgio app is compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and up.

Final Thoughts

Sworgio app for iPhone is an interesting RPG game to keep you entertained. The game play is highly challenging, but engrossing throughout. It is all about tactics and loads of patience. The graphics looks good so are the sound effects. Initially you may have some difficulty in getting used to the control buttons. But you’ll get used to it after some time. Verdict: a game worth trying out if you were a fan of old Zelda games.

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