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Pilo1 for iPhone is a creative storybook app you can share with your kids. As per its iTunes page, the app has already won an assortment of various awards and accolades from different quarters. This seemingly ‘boastful’ business strategy sets up high expectations among potential users and it could turn to be counterproductive if the app fails to live up to those expectations eventually. As you read ahead, you’ll find out if those expectations are up to the mark or they’re just marketing ploys. You can get Pilo1 for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


In Pilo1 app for iPhone, your child can watch a story unfold in front of his/her eyes. The main character is a child who hates going to sleep. You can choose it as a boy or girl depending on your preference. Gifted with a ‘pillow doll’, the child goes to a ‘dreamland’ and plays all kinds of bedtime games. The quality of animation and voice over stands out. English, Korean and Chinese audio are recorded by professional dubbing artists to retain the originality. The screenshots in iTunes page may appear to be a bit cluttered and messy. But in real-time use, the app feels a lot more easy to use.

Pilo1 App for iPhone

The storybook is interactive. Scene after scene, funny and wonderful interactive effects will increase interest in reading. For example, interactive activities such as seeking the pilo box by moving boxes or seeing the dream world by rotating the screen 360 degrees or seeking and growing a dream tree keeps the child engaged all the time. Kids, with their tiny fingers, will find it easy to use the app on your iPhone screen. The app is pretty robust and responsive with no apparent glitches. Pilo1 app is compatible with iOS versions 3.2 or higher.


If you got kids who hate to hit the bed at bedtime, try out Pilo1 for iPhone. It will help them identify with a character that also dislikes bedtime, and eventually learn to love bedtime. The game is interactive enough to keep your child engaged with the character as the story unfolds. The voice over is great. Multi-language support aids non-English speakers. The UI is easy to use, its messy outlook notwithstanding. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out yourself.

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