Pimp Your Sound iPhone App Review

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Pimp Your Sound for iPhone is essentially a ringtone creation app that let you customize the audio in your iPhone. In fact, it takes care of text tones, email tones, calendar alerts, tweets sounds etc. You can download Pimp Your Sound app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Pimp Your Sound for iPhone allows you to customize the sound of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially created and licensed ringtones, text tones, email tones, calendar alerts, tweets sounds, and more. The tones and alerts may comprise of songs, recordings via microphone, or one of the more than 200 sounds included from classic ringers to animal noises. Of course, ringtones are supposed to be short. The app features a clip selection and preview tools to edit the songs under the required 40 seconds or less limit. Once done with the edits, the songs need to be saved, transferred and assigned. Now, here comes the limitation of iPhone as far as transferring of files goes. Unlike Android, you can’t just do it in your iPhone straightaway. Instead, the ring tones and alerts must be copied to your iTunes library using File Sharing and then sync them back. Pimp Your Sound app for iPhone comes with an instructional video so that it will be easy for an average user to create ringtones and text tones for their iPhones. You can also send your creations to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or in an email message.

Pimp Your Sound iPhone App Review

Pimp Your Sound is a universal application. That is, you install once, use it across all your devices. The UI is well designed and easy to use for most parts. The red color theme looks nice. It is also stable and responsive. Pimp Your Sound app requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Pimp Your Sound app allows you to create new ringtones and other tones for your iPhone. Of course, you’ll need iTunes to apply new ringtones. It’s a unified technical requirement for all the apps with ringtones. But the app provides detailed instructions how to do it. Creating ringtones, text tones and email alerts is pretty straightforward. You can even use your own sounds. The UI layout is user friendly. SNS integration comes handy. The app is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a ringtone maker for your iPhone.

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