PingTools Pro Android App Review

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PingTools Pro for Android consists of a set of simple and powerful network utilities that can make your life easy. It is an all in one package and you don’t have to go anywhere for the networking tools. It has an improved LAN scanner and allows you to create shortcut of any tool in your device. The watcher has HTTP response validation that improves its performance. You get info tool, watcher, local area network, pinging, geopinging, traceroute, iPerf, port scanner, Whois, UPnP scanner, bonjour browser, wifi scanner, subnet scanner, DNS Lookup, Wake on LAN, and IP Calculator.

Get All Network Utilities Under One Roof, Anywhere And Anytime

PingTools Pro for Android is a simple, powerful and useful app that will help you with all your networking needs. The info tool will give you more information on network connection, IP address, WI-FI router, external IP address and other information. The info screen will display useful charts of network usage and WI-FI connection. Watcher tool checks all network resources and notifies the state of affairs. The tools will let you know who all are connected to your network and will also identify other hardware tools. All standard parameters for pinging. It has features like TCP, HTTP/HTTPS pings. It has sound notifications and background work. You can check the availability of resources and network across the globe. You can show the route of the packets from your devise to the target.

PingTools Pro Android App Review


PingTools Pro Android app is a great tool for all the networking folks. You can get your job done from home. Troubleshooting network issues is made easy with the numerous tools. It has a number of well made tools and apps that will help you in your job. It definitely removes all headaches from the daily grind that will otherwise be tough. An IP calculator is a useful tool that will help you set up network devices, calculate parameters, IP addresses, subnet mask among others. The app costs $0.66 to download and use. The app requires Android 5.0 and up.

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