Pixelmator iPhone App Review

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Pixelmator app for iPhone provides good news for the photographers as Photoshop had already killed Photoshop Touch. The app is a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that lets you touch up and enhance images, sketch and paint, as well as create complex image compositions on your iPhone. You can get Pixelmator for £3.99.


Pixelmator app for iPhone serves everyone, whether you’re a mobile photographer, mobile painter, or mobile graphic designer. And the best part is that it works with other iOS devices as well so that you can start creating on iPhone and continue right where you left off on your Mac or iPad. Pixelmator app for iPhone supports multiple layer support, color sampling, histogram adjustments, text tools, and excellent effects and filters, to name some of them. Layers can be accessed through a slide out drawer that you can summon by a simple swipe on the screen. Layers can then be adjusted, merged or deleted. In terms of filters, the Dodge and Burn tools helps lighten and darken respectively, any specific part of your photo. The eyedropper tool allows you to copy color from an object and use it on another photo. It offers a wide set of brush tools – more than 100 of them – as well as painting and retouching tools.

Pixelmator iPhone App Review

The selection tool is pixel-accurate, making it easy to get to the hard-to-select details of an image, while AddEffects command summons 14 effect categories you can choose from including kaleidoscope, pinch and bump. Further, the select color plugin let you select hex colors for HTML and CSS software applications. It also has the crop tool, undo/redo button, a settings button to manage your document’s size and rotation, enable a pressure-sensitive stylus, customize guides, or just to access the onscreen help system. You can also easily share your creations via Facebook or Twitter. The app supports images in PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and many other popular formats. Pixelmator app requires iOS 8.3 or higher.


Pixelmator app for iPhone has a feature set that is unmatched in the iOS domain at the moment. The UI is intuitive while its tools and options are plentiful and the learning curve not steep at all. As it works in all iOS devices, users can interchangeably use iPhone, iPad or Mac to complete their creations.SNS integration makes it easy to quickly share the edited images with your friends and family. It also supports multiple image formats. Verdict: A peerless layer-based image editor for iOS worth checking out.

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