Tiny Beats Android App Review

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An effort by Health & Parenting Ltd jointly with foremost healthcare professionals, Tiny Beats app for Android, is a baby heartbeat check that makes use of the most up-to-date technical acoustic algorithm to make possible for you to hear your symbol of love’s heartbeat and follow movements. The app is available for download from Google Play for $3.99.


Tiny Beats – Baby Heartbeat Android app boasts of a pioneering audio engine and intends to lead the way with this new technology. Now you can listen to your beloved baby’s heartbeat even before he/she arrives to the world with your phone working somewhat like a listening device. You can now record the fetal heartbeats furthermore you can calculate the beats per minute with pioneering audio algorithm provided by the application. You can do this from home is what makes the application all the more exciting. Tiny Beats app does not give off any waves; it plainly pays attention, sieves and amplifies the resonance of the baby’s heartbeat similar to a stethoscope. The phone requires being in airplane mode and WIFI turned off, uncovered of all cases and needs to be held in place for the application to attune itself for no less than ten seconds per spot on the abdomen.

Tiny Beats Android App

Tiny Beats app for Android is intended to be made use of from 30th week of pregnancy, but some are able to hear a baby heartbeat as in advance of calendar as 20th week. Users can gather plenty of additional supportive information about the baby and positions of the fetus (foetus) inside the mother’s womb. The out comings can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Tiny Beats is an application which can be used on multiple platforms. This baby heartbeat monitoring app works well in Galaxy S3, S4, S5 S6, and in Galaxy Note 1, 3 and 4. Unfortunately it is not supported in Galaxy Mini and other smart phones and tablets.


The functionality of Tiny Beats app for Android seems to be above reproach. The application does not require any specialized equipments and is considered to be safe for use. Tiny Beats app is provided on a common information base and is not intended for medical utilization.

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