Auto Repair iPhone App Review

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Educative as well as creative games not only keep the kids engaged, but also play a role in the way their mind develops. One such game we’re reviewing today is Auto Repair app for iPhone. The game give kids full control over repairing a car and exploring various possibilities. And yes, the game looks much cuter than the title might make you believe. You can get Auto Repair app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


When you fire up Auto Repair app for iPhone, after a quirky introduction, you’ll be greeted by four colorful cars. But they all need things repaired. The cars are as diverse as it gets, and each car has specific issues that need to be fixed. So for the kids, it’ll be a nice experience to select a car and get the work done. The repairing assignment is cleverly designed and is interactive. For example, if your kid happens to choose the red car, he is tasked to repair its engine. This includes spinning off lids to replace oil and sealing gas leaks by applying duct tape. From hammering out dents to replacing glass windows to reapplying paint, the assignments are enjoyable, fun and interactive. For every repair done, you will get a picture – collect them all and show your parents what a talented mechanic you are.

Auto Repair iPhone App

Overall, Auto Repair app for iPhone has 21 repairs to do, and most games allow you to play in several ways so the kids keep discovering new things. After completion of all tasks, you can go to a hidden part of the game, fix funny mixed cars, collect stars and change the color of the lift.
The game layout is well designed. The graphics is colorful and smooth. We’d never encountered any lags or freezes. Auto Repair app requires iOS versions 5.1.1 or higher.


Auto Repair app for iPhone is impressive, both in terms of its concept and implementation. Young kids are going to like it more likely than not. The repairs are interactive and fun. It gets the kids thinking on their own to get the job done without external help. On completing all tasks, kids can go to a hidden part of the game, and do fun activities such as fix funny mixed cars, collect stars and change the color of the lift. The graphics is topnotch. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for an interactive educational, yet fun app, for your little ones.

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