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Make decisions on the subject of your line of business and go forward with life moves in the Game of Life app for Android. It is based upon the, just about, 150-year-old Milton Bradley game, the conclusions you make have an effect on the returns you receive and how you spend your riches. Anything can take place in THE GAME OF LIFE. Play with up to 3 friends as you find the way with lively tokens in the course of winding roads and verdant landscapes with simple touch controls. LIFE game, developed by Electronic Arts, is available for download at Google Play for $0.99


Game of Life app for Android can comprehend effortlessly as a turn-based, exceedingly basic exploration of life proceedings with two or three players shaped like car, positioned on a board taking turns moving ahead all the way through spaces on roads or life path, as they are also known, to build up money and triumphs navigating dynamic tokens all the way through meandering roads and lush scenery. You start in on as a late teenager and, to begin with, make your mind up whether to go to college or straight away start a career, taking different paths depending on which you wish, and move forward through parenthood even grandparenthood, and in due course conclude the game with retirement.

Game of Life Android App

The objective of Game of Life app is to give up work with a large amount of money, though you pick up Life Tiles from proceedings all through the game that acquire cash at the end just before your closing count. Pass and play with up to 3 friends on a single device with easy touch controls. Enjoy landing on Life Spaces and increase tiles worth huge cash. Mount up Share the Wealth cards and give up job in style.


Be in this world on the rim or play it safe. Each time you engage, Game of Life for Android will be special based on the different trail in existence. All the rudiments come in concert to make available an entertaining and perhaps enlightening game that can lend a hand for kids to be aware of the intrinsic worth, test, and perils of following certain line of business and societal paths.

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