TSF Launcher 3D Shell Android App Review

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An invariable call for finding a just right launcher that invigorates the need for functionality and the need for it to be refined as well, probably, ends here. At the same time as apps may take a reduced amount of time, a launcher is something you use every day so it necessitates some extra consideration and TSF Launcher 3D Shell for Android is by far a creative launcher. The app is available for $9.99 to download from Google Play Store.


TSF Launcher for Android is an awesome 3D launcher with fantastic animation transition effects and the full ability to customize your homescreen. The app allows you to define all the elements of the home screen very efficiently. Batch icon is also made available for picking dock bar, folders and home screens. The weather widget is just an unusual touch and the feel might astound you. Adding functionality to music, all the music widget needs is the touch of your digital extremities. The sticky note widget, function for nippy reminders and notes, just adds to ease which is sure to leave you speechless. The launcher provides unconstrained dock bars. You can also modify its place, lengthwise measurement and viewpoint as well to adapt the dimensions and the rank of folders and icons in the dock bar, either hidden or revealed. You can unlock the folders and the application in the dock bar with rhythmical wave-sliding scheme.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell Android App

All other maneuvers including removal, adding up, menu showing-up or disappearance, are made available with normal, feathery and smooth animatronics changeover effects. On the shelf are more than 10 TSF Launcher special widgets, like music, clock, gallery, memo, message and weather, to name a few. All 3D widgets make available only one of its kind functioning and illustrative understanding. Exciting third-party themes are available too and you can get them for free. There are amusing and perceptive settings menu. An additional toggle which TSF Launcher 3D Shell has is one that changes the compactness or extent of the whole thing. This means that you can successfully put an entire group of objects on one page. The lone negative aspect to this is that all your apps give the impression of being small and muddled.


TSF Launcher 3D Shell app for Android is a fast launcher and grand effect customization by the side with the top and quick screen preview. The overall feel is like yet an added launcher devoid of any distinctive factors.

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