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Plane Finder for iPhone lets you track planes in real time, around the globe. You can view the moving planes on a worldwide map or use the camera AR view to ID planes above you. In fact, you can even play back past flights, up to 2011. The app may be downloaded for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Plane Finder for iPhone keeps an eye on the flights. You can search flights in a variety of ways such as flight number, airport, airline, or location. You can also browse the map. This could be either Google Map or Apple’s map. Further, simply tap a plane to see detailed flight and aircraft information including photographs or tap an airport to see live arrivals and departures boards. You can use Augmented Reality (AR) view to identify planes overhead using your device camera.In the app, 23 different plane markers are included and airline logos are displayed next to planes for easy identification. You can also set up custom alerts so that you can take a break from watching the air traffic and let the app notify you when a plane is in the air or nearby. There is no limit to the number of custom alert you can set up in your iPhone. Powerful and unlimited custom filters are also free to use.

You can create, save and name as many filters as you need for quick access to the planes you are interested in. Users can bookmark their favourite locations around the globe to quickly navigate to areas or airports of interest. In case you prefer a list view instead of a map view, you can use the sortable List View. You can also rearrange the table columns for ease of use.T he playback feature is a revelation. You can use playback to replay holiday flights, diversions, major incidents etc. You can also easily see the effects of storms, ATC strikes, and volcanic ash clouds. The UI is beautifully designed. Support for multiple languages makes it a global app.


Plane Finder for iPhone is a flight tracker app that works by picking up real time ADS-B and MLAT signals used by aircraft to determine its position on a map. It provides 100% real time coverage for US bound planes and 95% for Europe. The ability to identify planes overhead using Augmented Reality (AR) view is a nice touch. Customized alert free users from having to keep glued to the iPhone screen all the time. Playback feature gives you a peep into the flights and diversions of past flights. UI design is largely user friendly. The app is also stable. Check it out if you’re looking for a reliable flight tracker app.

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