Ringtones for iPhone Unlimited App Review

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Bored by listening to the same stock ringtones in your iPhone? Check out this ringtone maker – Ringtones for iPhone Unlimited. Using the app, you can browse, create, and customize unlimited ringtones, along with text and alert tones. Ringtones for iPhone app may be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes.

What is it about?

Ringtones for iPhone Unlimited app features a huge catalog of tones, with dozens of thematic categories. It is also a fully functional ringtone maker. You can record sounds using iPhone mic, or use MP3 songs from your music library to set as ringtones or alert tones. Using the app, you can browse through a vast catalogue of the freshest ringtones. You can also transform any MP3 into your very own with custom start and stop times and fade in and out effects. To do that, simply choose the soundtrack you want to use as your ringtone, specify the type of your alert, then choose the required segment from the audio track and tap ‘save’. It is done.

The app features one of the biggest libraries. Performance wise, it works flawlessly, and gives you great directions on how to get that new tone into your library. The app also got dozens of thematic categories: Funny Sounds, Top, Christmas Tones, Classical, OST, and Effects, to name some of them. The UI design is largely user friendly. The blue theme looks nice, while the layout is easy to navigate. Choosing a category or searching a song to create ringtone or text tone is a streamlined process. Creating a customized ringtone from an MP3 song, with all fade in-out effect, is also easy enough. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Ringtones for iPhone Unlimited require iOS 7+.

Final Take

Ringtones for iPhone Unlimited app let you quickly and easily create ringtones and text tones out of MP3 songs in your library. Creating a custom ringtone or alert is just about choosing the type of alert, editing the song, and clicking save. The user friendly UI makes your job easier. The blue color theme stands out. Support for multiple languages, including Korean, Italian, French and Swedish, comes to the rescue of non-English speakers. The app is also slick and responsive. Overall, a nicely made ringtone maker app worth checking out.

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