Play the game of galactic domination with Galcon app for Android

| February 26, 2011

Risk is known as the game of world domination, but if you were to put that game in space and then make it a real-time strategy game instead of a turn-based strategy game, you would truly then have access to many of the things that would make a game truly amazing. The good news for people that want a game like that s that Galcon app for Android exists here and now.

Strategy game with multiple players

Risk in space and across real-time boundaries is what Galcon Android game app actually is. When you take a look at everything that really defines this game, what you will see is that you are going to be playing at a breakneck pace against players that are real in the multi-player environment and therefore you will have to outthink those players on a level that really has nothing at all to do with what a computer (even a smart AI) could come up with.

Play the game and have a lot of fun

There are so many different things that you can do in Android Galcon app to have a lot of fun and at the end of the day that is really what this is all about. You can train up an army of ships and then send those ships to destroy opposing armies. Once those armies have been destroyed, you can then capture the planets and gain increase resources from the extra planets that you control. If you do all of this properly, there is even a chance that you could control the entire galaxy once all has been said and done. Be careful though because you will be pitted against any group from thousands of different players, all of whom have the same goals and desire to win as you do.

Final Score

Not only does Galcon app for Android give you the chance to actually have fun in a multi-player environment, but there is also a single player version included for anyone that is interested in pitting their strengths against the computer and training up that way before they have the ability to do anything else. Galcon app for Android is a game that gives you lots of fun and it is within that context that you can appreciate everything that it has to offer. Our final score for Galcon Android app is 9 out of 10.

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