Save the man in Falling Ball app for Android

| February 26, 2011

Games do not necessarily have to be overly complicated in order to appeal to the average person. In fact, when you put two and two together, the eventual end conclusion reached by most people is that simple games can actually be the most addictive if they are done right. Falling Ball app for Android is definitely a game that could fall into that latter category.

Avoid the balls

The premise of Falling Ball Android app is actually a very simple one. You are faced with a human being and your task is to make sure that human being stick figure is able to correctly navigate through all of the balls that are falling on the screen. If the human gets hit by the ball you will end up losing the game. If you are able to survive with your human until the time has run out on the level, you will win the game. The human is moved by tilting your Android device back and forth and that movement is really the only game control that you have to worry about learning

Shields and bombs

The game would be almost too simple if it were only that however and that is why Falling Ball Android game app does incorporate some more advanced features when everything is being considered. These advanced features start with the idea of a shield which is a power-up that your man can catch that will save him from a hit on one ball. Multiple shields can be caught in the same level and each one has the potential to save your man from a hit by one ball. Watch out for the bombs however as bombs mean instant death and destruction to everything that you are trying to save in this game.

Final Score

Falling Ball app for Android is not an overly complicated game nor is it a game that people would accuse of being highly innovative. Those two things being true do not change the fact that Falling Ball game app for Android can be a fun an addictive game to the right person. The free price tag is certainly right for this type of game as well since it at least gives it the potential to become really popular amongst the Android community. Overall, our final score for Falling Ball Android app is 8 out of 10.

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