Poly Bridge Puzzle Game for Android Review

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Poly Bridge for Android is a bridge-building simulation puzzle game developed by Dry Cactus in New Zealand. Players construct bridges for cars to traverse. The game’s goal is for cars to cross a succession of rivers by constructing bridges. This is accomplished by developing a blueprint for a 2D bridge model and working with the materials available at the time of usage. Poly Bridge offers a campaign mode with a number of scenarios that demand us to complete various tasks and add various geographical characteristics. There are two conditions for each level (nearly 100 in total), the constructing cost must be under budget, and the bridge must be sturdy enough to carry a certain number of automobiles.

Interesting puzzle game

Poly Bridge Puzzle Game features a sandbox mode, which allows for unrestricted building with the ability to specify creation parameters. The sandbox mode is designed for sheer creativity and engineering for the sake of engineering. There are a range of vehicles available, ranging from quick and light motorbikes to dump trucks and cranes (slow and heavy). Because every vehicle is different in terms of body and weight, lengthier automobiles may be unable to drive up steep slopes, and the structure may need to adapt to the circumstances. The game also includes obstacles like as leaps and boats, challenging the player to think outside the box while designing their bridge. Under the weight of a crossing vehicle, a poorly constructed bridge will collapse. The game contains a GIF generator, which allows players to capture and share certain moments while playing. The game has a fantastic difficulty curve that builds in complexity over time without ever shocking the player with something too extreme.

Poly Bridge Puzzle Game for Android Review

One of the best simulative game

Poly Bridge for Android is more akin to a toolbox for builders than a typical game. It’s satisfying to overcome these engineering problems, but getting to the answer takes a lot of effort. Poly Bridge provides the opportunity to construct some amazing things. Over a hundred stages are available in the game, encompassing many different locations and design philosophies. As the title suggests, the game has a clean and basic polygonal look that is complimented with a calm, folkish soundtrack that matches the game’s pace. The app is priced $1.14 to download from Google Play Store.

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