Arithmagic – Math Wizard Game Android App Review

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Arithmagic – Math Wizard Game for Android is an educational game that allows children to use their math abilities to vanquish imaginary adversaries. Kids may learn addition, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and algebraic reasoning while playing the game. The premise is that by casting spells based on the four mathematical processes, children may assist the wizard in bringing the adversaries’ health to zero. There are ten opponents in all, each with three distinct powers. To manage a deck of cards, kids can make modifications in a spell book, raising or lowering the frequency and type of operations that emerge during the game.

Practice math skills

Arithmagic – Math Wizard Game for Android features 70 levels of difficulty, and youngsters may choose between playing at a brisk speed in Challenge mode or relaxing in Relax mode. Kids won’t have a health bar measuring accuracy and time when playing in Relax mode, so they’ll have more time to seek out answers to the issues. To mix cards in the deck or to utilise a card to reduce the enemy’s health to zero, tap and drag. Kids may touch on cards to turn them over and discover how the procedure works in reverse. Kids may check their health and spell rate metrics under the upgrades tab. They may improve their health and spell rate by gathering skill points, completing rounds, and levelling up while playing. As children progress through the stages, they will use more complicated methods, solve more difficult challenges, and access more complex cards. The in-app navigation, advice, and mode selection are all well-thought-out.

Arithmagic Math Wizard Game Android App

Interesting gameplay

The gaming style of Arithmagic – Math Wizard Game app will keep students involved as they plot and come up with strategies to lower the enemy’ health down to zero using numbers and operations. The game stresses producing solutions and utilising a range of problem-solving abilities rather than finding answers or mindless repetitions. To fight the wizard’s opponents, youngsters will seek for patterns, make educated predictions, devise new solutions, and think outside the box, regardless of level. Overall, Arithmagic – Math Wizard Game is a fun and engaging game that encourages mental math and is suitable for the entire family! The quirky and welcoming design will keep kids engaged and motivated as they practice skills and explore mathematical connections. The app costs $2.83 to download from Google Play Store.

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