Rangi Puzzle Game Android App Review

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Rangi for Android is a challenging puzzle game with a unique twist. Instead of merely traversing a sequence of chambers in search of puzzles to complete, players can engage in combat with mystery adversaries, leap and crawl over moving platforms, and try to remain alive in any way they can. Rangi’s unique blend of gameplay components is likely to keep most players on their toes. The action takes place in an old temple, and it rapidly becomes evident that there is a profound and difficult riddle that must be answered in addition to trying to escape alive. The game was made for VR fans, and the virtual reality feature helps to make the numerous threats feel much more genuine.

Solve the puzzles

Rangi Puzzle Game for Android is a tough yet enjoyable game that is inspired by tribal music, art, and architecture from all around Africa. While the early puzzles are small and manageable, they quickly evolve into gigantic landscape-moving difficulties that will put our memory and puzzle-solving abilities to the test. The one disappointment is that, while they vary in size and complexity, many of them center around the same concept such that sliding blocks or spinning boxes to line up a variety of colours and access the next door. It doesn’t necessarily get monotonous, but it does imply that we soon settle into a routine. The player assumes the character of Guruki, a chosen one tasked with resurrecting an ancient music source that has been imprisoned by a dark entity. The Musiki (Music Giants) previously wandered the region of Ota, playing music to Ota’s inhabitants, the Nchi, who kept their community in harmony and tranquilly. The Musiki’s life power, the Chkw, was stolen by a group of creatures known as the Matata, who then stopped the music from playing. The Matata kept the Chkw hidden in secret riddles all throughout Ota. The music begins to fade at the start of the game and is on the verge of fading entirely. Guruki is expected to solve the problems, return the Chkw to the Musiki, and restore music and balance to OtaT, according to the Nchi.

Rangi Puzzle Game Android App Review

A great visual experience

The first few tasks for Rangi Puzzle Game Android app are basic and straightforward, requiring only a few seconds to accomplish once we’ve gotten the hang of the limited controls available. Given the plethora of roomscale titles, we can only go to certain teleportation spots, which might seem constraining, but it does mean we won’t be roaming about trying to figure out what goes where and what does what. We’ll figure it out if we’re just watchful at each stage in the game. Rangi game app isĀ  priced $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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