Profile Scheduler App for Android Review

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Most smart phones have got this wonderful feature: you can have multiple profiles, each with its own phone settings, to suit your requirements. Profile Scheduler app for Android does something similar. You can set different profiles with specific device settings using this app, and when a particular profile is chosen, the app will automatically change the phone settings to whatever is defined in the profile that was enabled. Android Profile Scheduler app may be downloaded from Google Play Store for $2.99.

How Profile Scheduler App Works?

Using Profile Scheduler app for Android, you can control volume for ringtone, alarm, notification, media, voice and system; vibrate for incoming call as well as notification; airplane mode; phone ringtone; notification ringtone; mobile data; Bluetooth; WiFi; GPS (Android security settings might block it in some phones); speaker mode; haptic feedback; audible touch tone; brightness; auto-sync; screen timeout; wallpaper; and launch application. Each profile can have a customized list for each of the mentioned attributes.

Profile Scheduler App for Android

And the Profile Scheduler application does not require you to manually choose the profiles anytime. Its ‘scheduler’ lets you automate the use of profiles. More specifically, using the schedule feature, you can set the app to automatically switch/change profiles on specific time/day of a week, and the ‘timer’ feature lets you set the time duration for which each of the said profiles will be active. Further, there is as ‘rules’ feature that automatically enables/disables a specific profile based on a specific action. You can toggle between your various profiles using widgets. This feature is not available in the app’s free version though.

Also you can use the whitelist that let you customize ringer/sms volume for certain contacts regardless of profile. Similarly, there is a blacklist. The user interface of Profile Scheduler is easy to navigate around; the various menus/options are easily accessible. At 650KB, the app is also quite light on system resources.

Final Thoughts

If you often forget to put your phone to silent mode in a meeting, or you want to do something if your phone’s battery is running low by evening, perhaps Profile Scheduler App for Android could come handy. It is easy to set up and manage, and it works flawlessly for most parts. There are lots of features to customize your profiles, and multiple profiles that normally cover an average person’s daily schedule. Overall, Profile Scheduler Android app a must have scheduler application for your smart phone. PS: If you want to get a feel of its true potential, try out the free version first before opting for the paid full version.

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