iStart Spanish App for iPhone Review

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If you are learning Spanish, or is yet to make a mark on the intricacies of the tongue, iStart Spanish app for iPhone should be of great assistance. It is a tutor base Spanish language app for iPhone that takes you from the scratch to all the way to basic conversational level. It is a step by step process, but it works. iStart Spanish comes at a rather hefty price tag for an app, at $4.99 per license.

How iStart Spanish App Works?

iStart Spanish app for iPhone basically walks you through the nuances of Spanish, from the very basic. The app comprises of 50 enjoyable lessons packed with many hours of high quality audio instruction by three language professionals (two Spanish teachers and one English person who tutor grammar explanations). All grammar, pronunciation basics (it is not easy), alphabets, phrases and vocabulary to ensure conversational competency are covered by the app. In the end of every lesson, there is an enjoyable interactive quiz to test what you’ve learnt in the process. The amount of teaching material it contains is really huge, which is in fact evident from the 128 MB file size of iPhone iStart Spanish application. For obvious reasons, it is recommended to get the app via WiFi, and not your phone’s data connection.

iStart Spanish App for iPhone

To motivate the student, there is a ‘funware’ in form of badges that you win as you progress through the course. The user interface is well laid out and easy to read and use. For example, while in a lesson, you can swipe up or down to go to a particular part of the lesson. The main screen tracks your progress, while you can tweak the font size or change opening music from the basic settings provided. There is also Facebook integration at some level to let you interact with your SNS pals.

Final Thoughts

iStart Spanish app for iPhone certainly helps a budding Spanish speaker. The difficult part of the language is getting its pronunciation and vocabulary right, and the app does a commendable job there. It has over 5,000 sound files to make your language learning experience so much more real and enjoyable. iStart Spanish iPhone app is easy to use for most parts, and the SNS integration comes handy. Verdict: A must have app for a Spanish student.

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