Blocks Mania Premium App for iPhone Review

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If you think sliding blocks is fun, you’ll feel at home with Blocks Mania Premium Game App. Blocks Mania Premium is a brick-flinging puzzle game that is challenging as well as total fun. The game starts off simple and ends up complex; the transition is so smooth that you won’t even realize the transformation taking place right under your finger tips. Blocks Mania Premium iPhone app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

How Blocks Mania Game App Works?

In Blocks Mania Premium game application, you control a grumpy main block that can glide across the screen with ease, but difficult to stop. The only way to bring it to a halt is to smash it to a crate. The basic idea is to glide the main block to the exit, without it hitting something nasty things or getting flung out of the edge.

In order to move the main block, simply swipe in the direction you want to move to block. There are crates placed at various parts of the screen to stop the block from flying off the edge. The crates will stop you at certain points, and you have to slide it again to get to the next crate and so on until you reach the exit. Your job is to find the shortest or quickest route to the exit sans hitting anything nasty.

Blocks Mania Premium App for iPhone

In the first few levels, there are stars you can collect. That will add to your completed percentage of that level, and you can unlock newer levels and packs by getting 100% scores for those levels. Many game play elements are added as you progress through the games 60 odd levels. For example, you’ll encounter tunnels, corners, fireball powerups, teleporters, one-way blocks, and keys and gates, to name few of them. The said elements are added slowly so that you won’t feel overwhelmed by them.

The graphics of Blocks Mania Premium iPhone game app is good, if not great. Some of you might feel it a bit dated. Players can choose between two themes: Pixel Art and Doodle. The former, which is also the default theme, looks better than the latter.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Blocks Mania Premium app for iPhone is a well-designed simple yet challenging puzzle game. There is no learning curve whatsoever, and it suits both short-duration gamers as well as those set for a game marathon. Puzzle buffs who are no blockheads might want to give it a try.

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