Puffin Plus Web Browser for Android Review

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Chrome and Opera Mini browsers for Android are pretty decent. But if you want one with a still faster performance, check this one out: Puffin Plus browser for Android. This flash browser is pretty fast. It is even quicker than Opera Mini. But the added performance of Puffin Plus comes with a price tag, a pretty hefty one indeed. You got to shell out $5 to download Puffin Plus from Google Play Store.


Puffin Plus for Android renders and compresses the web pages you’d requested for on their servers before sending it to your phone. This improves the speed, especially if yours is a slow internet connection. In fact, it is the same technique that Opera Mini uses. So how does Puffin Plus scores over Opera Mini? The answer is Javascript! Opera Mini does not support Javascript while Puffin Plus does. From a user perspective, Puffin Plus for Android offers PC like experience. It is also pretty secure. All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server is encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, something that is not safe at all for most browsers.

Puffin Plus Web Browser for Android

Puffin Plus browser for Android is also well designed. The tab management screen is intuitive and easy to use. Another intuitive feature of Puffin Plus is its mouse that acts as a trackpad and lets you perform certain functions, which can only be performed by mouse-overs and similar mouse gestures. The mouse can be accessed from the quick access button provided at the left bottom corner of your phone screen. The virtual mouse also features a scroll bar to its right, letting you quickly scroll down/up a page. Inbuilt support for flash means you can enjoy videos and games in an elegant way. On the flip side, you got to disable GPU rendering to view the pages correctly. So, if the web pages look weird on your phone screen, you just turn off GPU rendering, and this should solve the issue.


Puffin Plus for Android has lots of potential. It is stable, faster than Opera Mini, and has intuitive features to provide an easy user experience. It is flash supported so that you can view videos or play games anytime. However, while using the browser, make sure that you turn off GPU rendering. To sum it up, a faster Android browser with flash support and intuitive controls that is worth checking out.

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