Threes! Android Game App Review

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Threes! app for Android is part math, part matching game wherein your aim should be to get multiple of three score as high as possible before the 4×4 grid gets filled up. It is pretty straightforward a concept, but challenging enough to keep you grooved to your phone screen. You can get Threes! Game app for $1.99 from Google Play.


Threes! app for Android has only one game mode. As a player, your aim is to get high scores by combining numbers together to make 3s, then combining those to form 6s, and putting the 6s together get 12s and so on. You rearrange the numbers by swiping on the screen. But one should be privy to the fact that a swipe moves all numbers on the screen at once. With each swipe, at least one new number will be dragged to the board as well. The game mechanic ensures that the board fills up pretty quickly. So you got to be also quick on your fingers to combine like numbers to conserve space so that you always have some room to move. When you find yourself with no more room to move or combine adjacent numbers, think the game is over. The real challenge comes when you try to combine bigger numbers for higher scores. You won’t have high numbers until late in the game, when your board is nearly all filled up. So you got to strategize early in the game so that you’ll have enough room to move about when the bigger numbers come.

Threes Android Game App

Threes! Android game app offers you a glimpse of what kind of tile will appear in your next move, in the form a small square on the top of the screen. So you got to keep an eye on the square above before making the next move. To add some fun element, the game brings tiles to life. For example, when you combine two 3s to get a 6 (Thumbert), the side of said tile will have a smiley face that others don’t have. Further, as you unlock new characters by combining bigger numbers, the app displays a confetti-filled screen that introduces the new character and provides you a cute short bio. So, keep the audio on as each character will have something to say when they first show up. Threes! requires Android OS 4.0 and up.


Threes! app for Android lasts only for few minutes. Hence the game is perfect for a quick pick-up-and-play experience, between your busy schedules. The game is challenging and requires your full attention on screen. How far you can go by combining the numbers and sans running out of space is what the game is all about. The music gets a bit repetitive and that is annoying. The graphics is slick and responsive. Overall, Threes! app expertly combines matching game mechanics with strategy and math to create a fun diversion. Check it out if you love number games and puzzles.

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