Push your GPS to the max with Poynt App for BlackBerry

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BlackBerry devices that come with GPS tracking inside them are devices that have a special sort of power. Apps that can tap into this power can make their services better as a result. This is exactly what Poynt app for BlackBerry can do if given the chance to do so.

Find places with GPS

The main thing that sets Poynt mobile app apart from many of the other apps that do something similar for the BlackBerry is the GPS functionality. With your GPS, you can not only figure out your current location, but you can also find all kinds of things that are nearby. You can see what the weather is like nearby and also look for places that have the most competitive gas prices. Movies, restaurants, shops and everything else can be found near you with the GPS that is used by Poynt app for BlackBerry. Using these services, you can quickly and easily plan a night out on the town and then set it down to your BlackBerry calendar so you don’t ever forget about what it has to offer.

Other utility services for a secondary role

In addition to being able to see what is going on all around you, Poynt app for BlackBerry gives you the opportunity to look at different things like receipts from movies, phone numbers from calls that you missed and even reverse lookup information that can allow you to find out if you actually know the person that has the phone number that just called you. Utility services really take this mobile application from the status of good app and promote it to being a great app. There is no question whatsoever that if you are looking for a general purpose app with enabled GPS that can do basically everything you need to plan your life, Poynt BlackBerry app is most definitely that particular mobile application.

Final Score

As one very excited user has said about Poynt BlackBerry app, it is essentially a combination of the best aspects of the phonebook and a GPS. Not only do you get the best abilities of both, but the fact is that each has the ability to cover the deficiencies of the other. The end result is a fantastic app that is so good that it is almost impossible to believe that it could possibly be free. This is definitely one app you want and we’ve given Poynt app for BlackBerry a final score of 10 out of 10 to prove it.

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