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Although Paint has not been the most feature-rich imaging software every created for the Windows platform, it is certainly the one that has captured most imaginations. The simple reason for this is that it is easy to access and will do enough that people can really get some basic imaging tasks done while using it. Now, that excellence has made its way over to the Android with AndroPaint app for Android.

Do basic editing tasks

When using AndroPaint Android app, you can do all of the basic paint tasks that you would expect to have on your desktop computer. You can draw and pick from a number of different shapes while drawing. You can use different brush styles and types within styles. You can fill, you can pick colors and of course you can even resize, crop, cut, copy and paste images. It is all available to you when you use AndroPaint Android application.

In addition to all of those tasks, you can even do some more advanced stuff like taking a picture from the program and then setting that picture as the wallpaper on your background. You can add text to different images and you can even share the image that you’ve just saved through various social networking media. Undoing and redoing actions are both possible with this and while the default is for you to save your image as a PNG file, you can easily switch that over to the JPEG format if you would like it to be accessible to a wider range of people.

Errors regularly fixed

Another reason to appreciate AndroPaint app for Android is the fact that bugs cropping up with the app are fixed on a regular and fairly quick basis. For example, an earlier version of this software package used to crash on pictures that were especially large. At the same time, it was basically sound on smaller pictures. The creators added a patch for the software package fixing this problem and now the same great Android AndroPaint mobile app for features available for smaller images can be available for larger ones.

Final Score

AndroPaint mobile app for Android is an impressive app for the simple reason that it allows you to keep your imagination going. Whatever you are thinking of, scribbling it onto the AndroPaint canvas and looking at it later on is something that can be done. Our final score for AndroPaint Android app is 8 out of 10.

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