Train your multitasking abilities with Traffic Rush app for Android

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There are so many different ways for you to appreciate everything that Traffic Rush app for Android has to offer. Not only can you play a fast-paced game that will get your adrenaline flowing, but you can also train your ability to multitask by going as far in this game as you possibly can.

Save the street during rush hour

The whole point of Traffic Rush Android game app is for you to prevent problems from taking place at an intersection. Traffic Rush game starts at the start of rush hour and then get progressively more cramped as more and more cars begin driving through the four-way intersection. If you can get to the end without having any accidents in the intersection, you will then be able to brag about how good you are at Traffic Rush Android game application.

Easy to learn but hard to play

The game is very easy to learn as there are only a few controls that you have to get a hold of. You can tap on a car to stop it or slide on it to get it to drive faster. That’s all you have to do and those are the only two choices that you will get for a car.

Of course, knowing how to play the game is one thing but having success while playing it is something else entirely. Your goal is to get as many cars through the intersection as possible without causing any collisions to take place in the process. You need to have some good multitasking skills in order to make that happen and you need to have a keen instinct for how fast cars can get to the intersection at their current speeds. If you can learn how to predict these things accurately, you will start to put together successive chains of excellence and that in turn will allow you to master the game and get some of the highest scores possible.

Final Score

Although Traffic Rush app for Android is not a game rich in features, it is successful at taking a simple concept and making it over into a fun game. For a free Android app, there is not much more that you can really hope to expect. The graphics are decent, the game play is relatively smooth and it is very good at helping you kill time. Overall, we’ve given Traffic Rush Android app a final score of 8 out of 10.

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