PVSTAR+ Pro App for Android Review

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The default YouTube app has few shortcomings. For example, you can’t have background play, play music with background off, or repetition as you like. PVSTAR+ Pro app for Android is a music oriented video player application capable of searching Youtube, DailyMotion, and NicoVideo, and earnestly attempts to bridge the above mentioned drawbacks of Youtube native app in a big way. PVSTAR+ Pro Android app may be downloaded from Google Play Store for a reasonable $ 4.47.

How PVSTAR+ Pro App works?

PVSTAR+ Pro app for Android has many features that you would have liked to have in Youtube. Basically what you do is to search YouTube or DailyMotion for videos, and add them to your playlist in the app. It works more like a music player than the typical Youtube app, with features such as background and repeat playback, shuffle, and Now Playing Twitter feature. Users can make custom lists that can hold up to 100 items at a time. You can even back up this list if you wish so. Background play back ensures that the music continues to play even if the phone screen shuts off after sometime.

PVSTAR+ Pro App for Android

Another notable feature of PVSTAR+ Pro app for Android is that you can schedule as to when the playback be turned off automatically. Such a sleep timer feature is just perfect for playing music before you fall asleep. Other features include video ranking, low quality mode for slow networks, category search, and search by voice. The user interface of PVSTAR+ Pro is easy to use for most parts. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 (Froyo), Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and ICS. The free version of PVSTAR+ Pro has similar features, but is limited in terms of file size it can download.

Final Thoughts

PVSTAR+ Pro app for Android combines the best features of YouTube while ironing out some of its shortcomings. It lets you add videos from YouTube, DailyMotion or NicoVideo, and add them as playlists that you can shuffle, repeat, play it in the background or even search at will. It is also quite user friendly for most parts. Verdict: PVSTAR+ Pro app for Android is a must have application if you want the videos of YouTube, and features of a music player in one place.

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