QuickBend Conduit Bending Andriod App Review

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QuickBend for Android is a sophisticated conduit bending calculator designed to be quick and accurate while still being aesthetically beautiful, inventive, and intuitive. Using the centerline radius technique, wit can provide you with the most precise readings dependent on the bender you’re using. Choose from a variety of benders, as well as the size of the shoe and conduit type you’ll be utilising. When you reopen the app, the bender you last chose will be the bender that shows. In the ‘Bender Specs’ area, you may see and update the details about your bender (Centerline Radius, Deduct, Gain, Setback, Travel, and Radius Adjustment). If bends are impossible, QuickBend shows this by colouring the measurements and text red.

Most accurate conduit binding app

QuickBend Android app gives you the option of choosing between imperial and metric measures. It also has a protractor level, a text indicator that turns red if bends are impracticable, and a radius algorithm that comes in handy when bending conduit greater than 1 inch at more than 30 degrees. Bends also has data management, which saves the most recent values you’ve entered into the programme. Offset, Rolling Offset, Matching Bends Offset, Matching Centers Offset, Parallel Offset, Three-Point Saddle, Four-Point Saddle, 90, QuickKick, Kick With 90, Matching Bend Kick, Matching Center Kick, Parallel Kick, Parallel Compound 90 obstructs a circle, compound 90 obstructs a rectangle, compound 90 obstructs a square are the Quickbend supported bends. On a stick of conduit, a graphic representation of where the bend/cut will be located.

QuickBend Conduit Bending Andriod App Review

With unique bending formulas

When working on raceways with numerous conduit diameters, toggle ‘Measure to Center’ to assist line up conduits. Bend configurations are determined by the centerline radius, subtract, and gain of your bender. For those rare circumstances when you need to cut and thread the conduit before bending, you can make a cut mark. QuickBend Benders include Cosecant,Current Tools: 750/75, Current Tools: 77, Current Tools: 747, Gardner Bender: Big Ben, Gardner Bender: Sidewinder, Gardner Bender: Electric Sidewinder, Gardner Bender: B2000 Cyclone, Gardner Bender: Ultra Eegor, Gardner Bender: B300 Series, Greenlee: Hand Benders, Greenlee: 1800/1801, Greenlee: 1818 etc and so on. Layout several bends on a single stick of conduit, Offset to Obstruction, Offset from Obstruction, Matching Offset to Obstruction, Matching Offset from Obstruction, Three Point Saddle, Four Point Saddle, and more are all included in QuickBend Multiple Bends. The app is priced $4.24 to download from Google Play Store.

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