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Sometimes it is not the big and flashy apps that can have the biggest impact with the average person. Sometimes it is the apps that are simple and to the point but yet have the ability to really increase the convenience with which a person can accomplish a specific task. This is the case with PPC Editor iPhone app.

Set up your Adwords account on your iPhone

If you have a Google Adwords account, you can use PPC Editor app for iPhone to set that account up on your mobile so that you can make changes on the go. As long as you have the appropriate Developer Token you can get that done, but if you don’t have the token this app will be limited to demo mode only. That of course will not justify the expense of purchasing this app, so before you make the deal make sure you have access to a token that you can use to facilitate the link.

Monitor your account

Once you’ve set the account up, PPC Editor app for iPhone will allow you to monitor everything else that goes on with your Adwords account. You can see all of the different impressions and clicks that have taken place and while you are actually monitoring those stats you can take a look at the screens for account level statistics, campaign level statistics, group level statistics or keyword level statistics. The choice is completely yours.

Edit your account

At the same time that you are taking a look at statistics across all four of those levels, you can choose to pause one or more of these with the appropriate command and you can choose to resume a campaign that had been paused previously. With PPC Editor iPhone mobile application you can also edit budgets that have been assigned to all of the different campaigns and you can even edit all of the bids across CPC measurements that you’ve made as well.

Final Score

PPC Editor iPhone app is already very sweet by all accounts, but it will be made even better in the future as functionality for both Yahoo and Bing PPC services will also be made available. If you do a lot of PPC advertising and you are interested in managing it while you’re on the go, PPC Editor app for iPhone might just be the app for you. Our final score for it is 8 out of 10.

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