See the Skyline Anywhere with Panoramascope App for iPhone

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Although this iPhone mobile application is rated at 17+, you don’t have to let that turn you off from allowing your kids to use Panoramascope iPhone app. The only reason that type of rating exists in the first place is because there is an active internet connection involved with this app that could be abused from within the app and therefore the rating is there to make sure parents are aware of this way to get around different things.

See the skyline from anywhere

As for the actual mobile application itself, Panoramascope app for iPhone is one of the more interesting augmented reality interfaces that you’re likely to come across in your time. This interface essentially uses both the compass and other tracking tools on the iPhone to show you exactly what is going on with the skyline from where you are. All you have to do is point the iPhone in the direction of the skyline and then activate the app. It will use NASA’s database together with the compass to pinpoint exactly what is going on within line of sight of your iPhone and then superimpose information on top of your camera’s viewfinder so that you can see everything that is going on.

See natural wonders galore

Panoramascope app for iPhone will give you the chance to see all of the natural wonders from your current position. If you see a mountain range in the viewfinder, Panoramascope iPhone app will label all of the mountains for you so that you can see exactly what each one is called.

See tourist destinations as well

If you are in a flatter less natural part of the world, you can still use iPhone Panoramascope app to get that augmented reality view of the world. This is because marker data from places like the Open Street Map Project are used to give you an idea of where different tourist attractions and restaurants are relative to your current position. However, even the creators of the app acknowledge the fact that Panoramascope iPhone mobile application works best in areas that are mountainous and have long chains over the skyline.

Final Score

Overall, Panoramascope app for iPhone is a fun mobile application that can really take your breath away if placed in the right area. It is certainly worth a look if you enjoy augmented reality interfaces and we’ve given Panoramascope iPhone app a final score of 8 out of 10.

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