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Name: Quotationary App


The Quotationary application in Iphone is a dictionary that contains 30,000 inspirational and famous quotes from thousands of various authors. This application is a great reference to trivia fans, scholars, writers, and students.

Quotationary application in iPhones exists to make someone look like a scholar or a jerk however; everyone will learn absolutely anything from it. In this application, users can find thoughtful meditations as well as meaningless jabber from people whom you thought are silent. The application also devours with plenty of jokes and other items as well.

User Interaction:

iPhone users can choose quotations from Quotationary that contains more than 30,000 inspirational and famous quotes from thousands of various authors.

User Interface:

The quotations stored in the Quotationary application of iPhones are usually arranged accordingly by subject and then alphabetically by author’s name. It includes phrases, titles, slogans, song lyrics, and factual statements. The application’s time frame and author’s names are very comprehensive and well designed.

The quotations contained in the Quotationary of iPhones can be vocalized. Therefore, if you want to impress something, the iPhone can sound reminiscent for you. To make it more amusing, the application has included a sound bite that illustrates the quality of the voice files with the use of the quotations.

iPhone users do not need to connect to the Internet just to use the Quotationary application instead a Wi-Fi network will do. The application is also a great online search tool if users want to know more about the author of the quotation. However, if the author’s information remained anonymous, users can still have the instant access to other resource websites that may contain historical information instead.


Utility and Productivity:

The quotations in Quotationary application are stored in the iPhone device so Internet access is not a requirement. At the start of the application, the iPhone users can view a random quotation. To display the next random quote, the users need to shake the iPhone device or click the next button. To customize the Quotationary application, uses can use the Settings program of iPhone.

Quotationary application includes one button search of Wikipedia or Google information about the author of the quotation. The search function can be performed without exiting the application. However, this function requires Internet access.

Users can also test their skills in the trivia game of Quotationary. In this game, a quotation is displayed and users can choose the correct author from the list.

Every quotation in Quotationary comes with full text research as well as the inclusion of the author’s name, thus users can easily find the perfect saying for every situation.

Apparently, iPhone users usually experienced some problems with the Quotationary application. There are times when the search function would take too long considering that the application has a huge database. Nevertheless, the stability o the application is definitely high.


(8.0 out of 10) This is one great application of iPhone that is useful to a lot of users. For just a single penny, users can smarten up their speeches and essays, and pick up lines as well. Quotationary application is truly worth the price and worth the download from iPhone’s App store.

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